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Party Food Platters in Fort Collins CO

Have a Plattered Party!

Remember hosting parties? Are you one of those people whose party game was on-point before the pandemic but find yourself struggling as we get back to normal activities? Or, are you someone who always worked to create the right blend of delicious, easy, and affordable for your party foods? Get Plattered can help. We offer a range of party trays designed to help you save time and concentrate on enjoying your guests.

Choosing the right party food platters depends on what type of event you are hosting. How many people will be at the event? What kind of service do you want to offer? What else will you have at the party? When looking for a party platter near me, knowing some things about your event is essential because it can help shape your charcuterie platters. Are you looking for a compliment to a full menu, light appetizers, or platters that can serve as a meal? Whatever you need, Get Plattered has you covered.

We offer custom-curated party food platters. Our cheese boards spotlight an array of seasonal, artisanal cheeses, curated meats, seasonal fruits and veggies, olives, and crackers. They are the ultimate in charcuterie. Our standard party platters will build on the monthly seasonal selections that we carry in the store. However, if you are interested in a particular artisan cheese we have previously featured, contact us in advance of the party to try to source it for you and build a custom platter featuring that item.

While customers love our cheese boards, we go beyond the board. We also offer individual-serving party cones, which are a favorite because of their convenience and controlled serving sizes. We also provide boxed options, which are great for corporate events and structured parties.

We offer party platters to pick up, delivery, and even catering options at our Fort Collins CO location. Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call. We are happy to talk to you about your planned party and offer our expert advice on your party platter needs.