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The February Pairing Guide

Our Platter Masters have done it again! We proudly present to you the February 2021 Pairing Guide for our February Platter! Enjoy a tastefully curated food journey that will excite the pallet with what we call our ‘Perfect Bites’. This month’s platter will have you and the ‘People Who Matter’ exploring new cheeses that are brand new to our Get Plattered charcuterie offerings – featuring a Red Dragon Beer & Mustard Seed Cheddar as well as a Three-Chili Pepper Gouda that even the non-spicy eaters will enjoy. Our focus this month was to build something that can be picked at during ‘Game Day’ and on Tuesday – so we found perfect beer pairings as well as our classic wine pairings. Well… what are you waiting for? Dive in and enjoy #GettingPlattered!

Did you discover a perfect bite while #GettingPlattered? Let us know!

The May Pairing Guide 2021
Paring Guides
Mike Miller

The May Pairing Guide

Spring has sprung and flowers are blooming. Just in time for our May Pairing Guide which features some of our Mom’s favorite cheeses, delectable Lemon

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Paring Guides
Mike Miller

The January Pairing Guide

The January “Fresh Beginnings” Pairing Guide! The Get Plattered Platter Masters have prepared for you our Ultimate Pairing Guide for our January “Fresh Beginnings” Platters!

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