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Pairing Guide Header March 2021

The March Pairing Guide

Oh, lucky you! You found our March Pairing Guide! And if you haven’t tried our March Platter yet, just read through these #PerfectBites to see what you’re missing out on. Whether you’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day with a few drinks or simply enjoying the great taste of good food with good wine, take a gander at these pairing recommendations below:

March 2021 Pairing Guide

Did we miss a #PerfectBite? Let us know!

June 2022 Pairing Header
Mike Miller

The June Pairing Guide

This perfectly paired platter features everything that you could want in a June Platter! Four amazing cheeses (in our LARGE Platter), Italian Salami, Crackers, Fresh

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May 2022 Pairing Guide Header Visual
Mike Miller

The May Pairing Guide

April showers bring May CHEESE flowers! Taste the flavors of spring with our picnic-perfect platter! Featuring Pesto Basil Gouda, Tete de Moine flowers, a Double-Cream

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