Valentine's 2021 Pairing Guide

The Valentine’s Pairing Guide

Whether you’re in love, out of love, wanna be in love, or just want to #GetPlattered (that’s me!), our Valentine’s Platter is perfect for you! Featuring wine-soaked Drunken Goat cheese, Boozy Truffles, Italian Taleggio and so much more – our Platter Masters have crafted our ‘Perfect Bites’ for your V-day weekend! Whether you’re trying NoCo local honeycomb with our Double Cream Brie, or picking a pedal off our Salami Rose here are the Perfect Bites we recommend you try:

Did we miss a Perfect Bite? Let us know!

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Mike Miller

The January Pairing Guide

The January “Fresh Beginnings” Pairing Guide! The Get Plattered Platter Masters have prepared for you our Ultimate Pairing Guide for our January “Fresh Beginnings” Platters!

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